Every non-profit organization needs money to carry out its mission. This aspect is usually achieved by writing a grant proposal, or several grant proposals, to agencies and organizations for funding. While this sounds like a straightforward solution to your financial concerns, grant writing is a complex process. Authors at the Foundation Center tell us that proposal writing “must be part of a process of planning and of research on, outreach to, and cultivation of potential foundation and corporate donors.” It is important to understanding that in seeking donations from foundation or corporate donors you are about enter into a partnership with the donor.

Like with any relationship, you need to have a clear understanding of your partner’s desires and needs. This requires knowledge of your partner’s vision and mission. In a larger sense, you are helping your partner accomplish their mission while simultaneously accomplishing your mission. In the process of meeting your partner’s needs, the financial needs of your organization are important as well.

It is extremely important to produce a top-quality proposal and target it to the right foundations. This requires careful grant research. Careful grant research takes a laser-like approach to the grant writing process. Careful grant research helps narrow the field, so you are not approaching foundations with which you have little to no hope of attracting to your cause. The Moore Law Firm has knowledgeable legal and technical grant writers who can assist you in gathering the necessary information to:

  • Develop a good fit between your organization and the grantor.
  • Develop the cover letter, executive summary, problem statement, work schedule, qualifications, conclusions and appendices sections of the grant proposal.
  • Develop the financial presentation.

Also we will assist you in developing a working relationship with the grantor.