Child Support Services Cases

Child Support Services Cases

Child Support Services are designed to help Custodial parents of minor children receive adequate support from non-custodial parents. The main concern is always the children. The legal professionals at The Moore Law Firm can help you by providing services such as these:


  • Locate the noncustodial parent for purposes of establishing and enforcing child support orders
  • Establish parentage
  • Establish child and medical support orders
  • Enforce child, medical, and in some cases spousal support orders
  • Modify existing court orders for child and medical support
  • Collect and disburse support payments


Child Support Services does NOT:

·    Enforce custody or visitation orders
·    Enforce property settlement agreements
·    Assist in obtaining a divorce
·    Obtain or enforce restraining orders
·    Establish spousal support orders


In cases involving Child Support Services, The non-custodial parent may feel that he or she needs to seek legal representation to ensure that they are not being wrongly accused of not paying child support, or to simply make sure that they are being charged the appropriate amount based on Georgia child support laws and guidelines. The Moore Law Firm LLC will gladly help assist you in this process. We will , on your behalf, work with Child Support Services to ensure that you receive fair judgment in your case. Contact us to set up a consultation via E-mail or by phone at (770)584-0911