Modifications to Child Custody

Modifications to Child Custody

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Making changes to custody arrangements is a sensitive matter for both the parents and the children involved. At the Moore Law Firm, we understand that these decisions are not taken lightly and we will work with you, and the courts, to facilitate the process as quickly and smoothly as possible for all involved.

There are many reasons why families may feel modifications to custody arrangements are needed. But the primary concern of the courts is the well being of the child and will ultimately be the deciding factor. During the initial custody hearing, parents are required to develop a parenting plan that deals with the specifics of the arrangement such as schedules, the decision making process for issues involving the child, visitation and so on.

Life is always full of surprises and situations may arise that would create a need for some changes to the parenting plan. There are a couple of ways the modifications can be done in the state of Georgia. If the custodial parents agree that a change is needed, a Custody Modification by Agreement can be asked of the courts. This approach is by far the most preferred by the courts.

The courts will always consider the welfare of the child over the needs of the parents and if a new arrangement is needed, it should be in the best interests of the child. The professionals at the Moore Law Firm can facilitate this process and make sure it follows Georgia law as well as the needs of the court. Once the custodial parents agree the new plan, it is then submitted to the court for approval.

Sometimes, one of the custodial parents might feel the need to make a change in the parental plan that the other custodial parent might not agree with. If this is the case and an agreement cannot be reached between the custodial parents, a Court Modified Custody Agreement may be needed.

In order for one of the custodial parents to have the court change the custody agreement, they must provide a substantial reason why they are seeking this action. The reason should reflect the possibility that the current plan is not in the best interest of the child. There are specific burdens of proof that must accompany the request and it is advised to seek professional legal counsel to review your request and the basis for the request before approaching the court. Contact the Moore Law Firm and we will go over the facts in your situation and help you identify the important aspects of your case.