Commercial Truck and Big Rig Accidents

Truck and Big Rig Accidents

An accident involving a large truck or transport vehicle can have a devastating outcome. Often the victim of such an accident is severely injured or killed. Unlike the average vehicle related accident, there are more variables and parties that should be addressed. You need a solid attorney that knows how to navigate the obstacles when dealing with trucking companies.

Who is responsible for my compensation involving a truck related accident?

If an accident is related to a large truck, there are several factors that have to be considered to determine fault. Was it the driver’s fault? Was it the equipment that caused the accident? Was the load of the vehicle the cause of the incident? Was it the practices of the driver’s company that lead to the events causing the accident? All of these questions, and more, will play in determining fault in the case of the accident.


With all the parties involved, they will begin to pass blame on each other to determine which party will be responsible for your compensation, if you were not the party faulted for the accident. Now, in some cases, fault will be obvious and we can begin negotiation on your settlement outright. But most cases will involve dealing with several parties from the start.  Fortunately, Federal law has made it more difficult for companies to avoid liability for their operators and equipment.


As with all accidents involving vehicles, the insurance company will begin their investigation immediately to try to determine fault and a minimal settlement amount if needed. The insurance company will want to decrease their liability and offer a settlement amount that is in their best interest.

Should I take the settlement from the insurance company?


By taking a settlement, you will limit the chances of receiving compensation for future costs that you may not have considered at the time of the settlement. Their job is to get this done as quickly and as cheaply as possible and will give little consideration for future expenses you may incur. Some injuries may take time to manifest causing you more loss of income and pain.


Don’t let the insurance companies rush you to settle! You have up to two years to file your claim against them.


A recent study determined found that of the accidents caused by driver error, many were due to prescription and over the counter drug usage. Other factors found to cause a large percentage of truck related accidents were driving too fast and driver fatigue.